New Ready To Ship full custom 7 PRC's Just listed!

Deluxe Accurizing

Combine our world famous accurizing service, with the best barrels

available in the industry for the ultimate rifle accuracy. 

Why Deluxe Accurizing?

If you have a bolt action rifle that you don’t use very often because it isn't the right caliber, has a worn out barrel, or an antiquated stock design, take a look at our Deluxe Accurizing Service. 

If you have one of the rifles listed below just sitting in your safe collecting dust, send it to us so we can turn it into a new rifle you will enjoy using again!

Want to change caliber?

Since we are replacing your barrel we can also change to a new caliber.

Magnums must stay magnums and non-magnums must stay non-magnums. We can help you with this!

Prefer a Carbon Fiber Barrel?  

Proof Research and Benchmark Carbon Fiber barrels also available!

Want to fully customize your rifle?

Add a McMillan Stock! Just pick the style and color you want. We can help you with this!

  • Different actions allow for different levels of squaring and truing
  • Factory barrels will no longer fit Remington actions after this service as threads are recut to larger OD for truing purposes.

Actions We Service:

  • Remington 700 and 700 Clones (Defiance, Stiller, Impact, Zermatt, Big Horn, Horizon)
  • Tikka T3
  • Bergara B-14
  • Sako AV, A3, 75, 85 (McMillan Stock Available for Sako AV Only)
  • Winchester Model 70, We do not service WSSM chamberings. (We do not service Pre-64 Model 70’s due to age and lack of replacement parts)
  • Ruger 77 Mark II and Hawkeye (No McMillan stock available)
  • Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard

    • Aluminum Pillar and Glass bed receiver and bottom metal.
    • Complete action job to square and true your action.
    • Match Grade stainless steel or Carbon Fiber barrel in the caliber, contour, length, and twist rate you need.
    • Recessed Target Crown.
    • Tough, rust-proof Cerakote finish on all metal in color of choice.
    • Tune factory trigger to as light as 3.0 pounds with no creep. Aftermarket triggers can be tuned lighter if desired.
    • Properly mount your scope and sight-in your rifle as requested.

    • Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel: $500
    • Add McMillan Stock: $750
    • HCR Custom Stock Paint: $199
    • HCR Muzzle Brake Installed: $399

    • Remington 700 & Rem 700 Clones Only:
    • Trigger Tech Special- Installed and Tuned (1.5-3.0 Ibs): $299
    • Trigger Tech Diamond- Installed and Tuned (1.0-2.5 Ibs): $399

    • See our Gunsmithing Services for more upgrade options.

Starting at $2,495

Sending us your rifle? Please use our work order form here: